Force sensor overview

AMTI specializes in six-axis force sensors and has more than 30 years of experience in their design and manufacture.

AMTI sensors measure the three force components along the x, y, and z axes as well as their corresponding moments or torques. They are ideal for research and testing environments as they provide high stiffness, high sensitivity, low crosstalk, excellent repeatability, and proven long-term stability.

Our products have been used throughout the fields of materials testing, machine instrumentation, tribology (friction and wear studies), structural dynamics, earthquake simulation, and structural modeling and testing. We have adopted a large number of our most popular designs as standard models, but we also regularly partner with researchers and engineers to create custom force sensors for highly specialized applications.

Some typical applications for AMTI's six-axis force sensors include:

Aerospace: wind tunnel measurements, control surface measurements, landing gear drop testing, pilot ergonomic studies, zero gravity ergonomic and task performance studies

Automotive: tire performance research, vehicle test stand instrumentation, operator ergonomics, crash testing, vehicle dynamics, vehicle aerodynamics, wind tunnel testing

Biomechanical and biomedical: athletic performance measurements, orthopedic research, physical and occupational therapy and research

Marine and naval: tow tank measurements, control surface studies, propeller performance investigations

Manufacturing: grinding and abrasive wheel research and development, tool wear and performance research, cutting process optimization, tool-wear monitoring

Robotics: inline measurement of actuator forces, measurement of reaction forces under robots

Airbus 380 landing gear drop test onto AMTI force sensors
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